Sunday, 9 April 2017

Capricho – Portuguese Kitchen

The forgotten part of Barkingside Town Centre, round the corner past the Fairlop Oak in Fencepiece Road, has a new restaurant. It’s not the normal café/takeaway we associate with Barkingside; this one is aiming at the high-end market normally associated with South Woodford or Gants Hill. Having lost Chubby Panda (wipes tear from cheek) this could be the critical mass for a new era in Barkingside. Complementing this night-time restaurant we have the Turkish Café 104, Spice, Birashwamys and Sharod. A thriving night-time economy needs variety.

Introducing Marta Freitas, a local Barkingside resident, and her new passion Capricho – a Portuguese restaurant. She is from Portugal so you can expect authentic Portuguese food and wine. Whenever someone says I’d like a bookshop/whatever in the High Street the answer is always, “fine, if you think there is a market for it, you open one”. Marta did it and jolly good luck to her.

It’s in Fencepiece Road by the junction with Tomswood Hill where Triton Cycles used to be.

Not sure on the vegetarian/vegan options but I expect our local reporter will let us know.


  1. That is excellent news! Will go check it out as soon as possible! Amongst those IG6 restaurants you forgot to mention the revamped Chequers which now has a menu to rival the likes of the upmarket gastropubs of South Woodford and Wanstead. Onwards and upwards for Barkingside!!!! :)

  2. Yes we locals are pleasantly excited