Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Flower Kiosk

Well, the three retail units that were occupied by Fullwell Autos remain available. Fullwell Autos closed its doors over a year ago in November 2015. The two retail units occupied by the old Post Office also remain unoccupied but have been “Acquired for clients” now for some time.

But the Kiosk next to the [singular] public toilet on the High Street, which has been available since April 2016, looks like it may have a taker.

This (above) appeared in the “weekly” licence “updates” for week ending 11 December 2016 and was published on Redbridge-i in the last few days along with all the other “weekly” updates from 7 November 2016 to 9 January 2017 and included all the Christmas events needing licences that have now been and gone.


  1. Redbridge-i? Oh yes, I've heard of it. Never - Ever - had one delivered to my door, of course. [[well that's a little fib. I did have one shoved through my letterbox two days after I'd stood up at a local
    Area Meeting to say that I'd never received a copy, ever!]]. Perhaps they don't like walking up the 20 steps to my front door. But I have been living in Barkingside for over 30 years. I might eventually spot a copy one day...

    1. Dear Ray, Redbridge-i is the website. It is not "Redbridge Life" which is the "newspaper" delivered through letterboxes.