Sunday, 17 January 2016

Proposed new Fish & Chip shop on the High Street

There is a new planning application to convert the Dry Cleaners next door to Rowans into a Fish and Chip restaurant and take-away. The application number is 4630/15 and you can find it on the council’s planning portal here CLICK!
Conversion of existing (A3/A5) unit into two units. Unit 135 High Street continued use as (A3/A5) coffee shop and restaurant and Unit 137 High Street to be used as (A3/A5) Fish and chip shop takeaway and restaurant. (summary)
Not surprisingly the objections from the other food outlets cite too many food outlets …


  1. I think it's about time that the planning application system is reviewed as they seem to hand out approvals to anything that wants to open. I think it's descusting that the high street is being saturated with food outlets. I also think that it's about time the local councillors do something about the way the high street is quickly being ruined after all we were told that Barkingside was being regenerated for a better Barkingside. Well I don't think that's quite the case. So come on Redbridge council look at our high street and see for yourself we really don't need or want another bloody Take Away.
    A very concerned Resident.

  2. I think it's descusting that Redbridge council (planning applications ) are giving out approvals like they were smarties to so many food outlets. I think it's about time our local councillors actually do something about how our once lovely high street is quickly being ruined by so many food Take Aways. After all wasn't we told that the council was putting all that money from our good selves to the regeneration of a Better Barkingside.So how does Take Away upon Take Away etc make for a Better Barkingside. I have even emailed one of our local councillors not once but twice on the matter of our high street but unfortunately I haven't had a reply obviously the high street can't be very high on that regeneration list. So do you think we need another food outlet to what is becoming a very boring and quiet high street.

    1. You have three councillors and I believe that side of the High Street belongs to Fullwell Ward, your councillors are Cllr. Nick Hayes, Cllr. Jeeva Haran and Cllr. David Bromiley. You should be able to get their details from the Library or if that fails then call the Town Hall and ask to speak to the Secretariat who should pass on a message to them. It is not councillors policy to ignore residents letters/telephone calls and I am sure there is a reason for no response.

  3. I wonder which councillor you e-mailed. Fullwell Ward, which that side of Barkingside High Street is where the proposed new business is sited, has three council representatives. Cllr Nick Hayes, Cllr Jeeva Haran and Cllr David Bromiley. I know all three both personally and as an ex colleague and am shocked and disappointed that neither of these three would not have responded to your e-mail, I wonder if you did send to one of these councillors or perhaps one from another Ward.