Sunday, 7 October 2007


Back in August, on the main Barkingside 21 site, I posted about the Supermarket Myth and prior to that in February on Do It Your Own Way. The comment chain on the August post highlighted that local shops tend to rely, to some extent, upon personal recommendation. We tend to lead busy lives these days and as community breaks down so does the grapevine. So, Judith suggested an area on this blog for people to note their favourite non-chain/supermarket local shops, and to say why they continue to use them?

This is it. My Favourite Shop. This is where YOU write the posts and I publish them. Just send them in to the email address at the bottom of the main page. Please say how you wish to be known on the post, “Name and email address supplied” is acceptable as in letters published in the press. You are not restricted to one favourite but please no cheating from shopkeepers.

Since it was Judith's idea I am allowing her to kick off before I publicise this facility. Who wants to continue?

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  1. Shops in Barkingside that I would miss are Marinos Cafe ("Ali's") and the car spares and bike shop around the corner from the Gala Bingo, on the roundabout.