Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Papa John’s is coming to Barkingside

Redbridge council have received a Licence application (no. 049188) on behalf of Papa John’s for a Pizza delivery and takeaway at number 27 High Street.

However, tracking down which retail unit this is has proved to be rather difficult so I had to go and see for myself

Either side of that block we have the Police Station at number 1 and Bairstow Eaves at number 31. Working south we have the Cancer Research charity shop which lists itself as Unit 5, 3/19 High Street, which suggests the other 4 shops in that section are units 1-4, but no. Next one down is what was Guardians Estate Agents at number 27 who have been closed for some time – must be a lull in the housing market? Next we have the new Deli who are at number 27A. Then we have the Coop Funeral place at, wait for it … 19, then Ellis Bass at 25 with Iceland at 23 and Macdonalds at 21. I think this numbering system was designed by the council’s ward boundary team.

The application is for “Provision of late night refreshment” with hours Monday to Thursday 11pm to 1am the following day and Friday to Sunday 11pm to 1:30am the following day. However I suspect there may be an existing licence for the earlier hours?