Saturday, 19 November 2016

Chigwell Organics

Not strictly in Barkingside but Manford Way is a regular haunt for some Barkingside people, this new shop deals in all things organic, which we at Barkingside 21 approve of.

In fact it’s so new that it doesn’t even come up on a Google search, but it is there at number 199 and also has the seal of approval from our MP Wes Streeting and our Tea Man Councillor Roy Emmett.

Hasan Durna, the proprietor, says “We aim to ensure our local residents have access to products good for the world, good for the animals and good for the environment.

With significant nutritional differences between organic and non organic farming and the growing awareness of this, is with no doubt the reason for an ongoing demand for organic food.

Our primary mission is to provide our residents with the best quality products benefiting not only their health but also for the best of our planet., we say never settle for anything less than organic.

Our products will consist of spices, herbs, cereals, pulses and many more ingredients and healthy options which can accompany ones meal.

Our suppliers include:
  • Covent Garden Market
  • Goodness Food
  • Biona Organics
  • Hatton hill Organic
  • Mr Organic
  • Suma Organic"
More info here on Facebook

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Inpost – Simply Exciting

In the library car park on Craven Gardens – could this be something to do with Mayfair Stationers? Whatever, it sure is a sign of the times for the bold new age of the High Street. InPost.

Mayfair Stationers going On-Line Only

Another long term High Street shop falls to the times of fast food. But you can still buy pens that are mightier than the sword, implements that can divide and rule, calendars and diaries to plot your next move, notepads and envelopes etc etc. at their On-line store. Although if you are reading this you’ll have a computer, tablet or iPhone plus email, so why would you need a pen?

Paul is looking to shut down the shop about the end of September.

Don’t Panic – It’s only a holiday
– Danny’s Pie ‘n Mash

It’s only for a fortnight – honest!

Papa John’s Barkingside is open for Business

Our MP will be pleased – he likes Pizza and lives just round the corner.

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Papa John’s is coming to Barkingside

Redbridge council have received a Licence application (no. 049188) on behalf of Papa John’s for a Pizza delivery and takeaway at number 27 High Street.

However, tracking down which retail unit this is has proved to be rather difficult so I had to go and see for myself

Either side of that block we have the Police Station at number 1 and Bairstow Eaves at number 31. Working south we have the Cancer Research charity shop which lists itself as Unit 5, 3/19 High Street, which suggests the other 4 shops in that section are units 1-4, but no. Next one down is what was Guardians Estate Agents at number 27 who have been closed for some time – must be a lull in the housing market? Next we have the new Deli who are at number 27A. Then we have the Coop Funeral place at, wait for it … 19, then Ellis Bass at 25 with Iceland at 23 and Macdonalds at 21. I think this numbering system was designed by the council’s ward boundary team.

The application is for “Provision of late night refreshment” with hours Monday to Thursday 11pm to 1am the following day and Friday to Sunday 11pm to 1:30am the following day. However I suspect there may be an existing licence for the earlier hours?

Thursday, 14 April 2016

New Toilet Open for Business

The new toilet (singular) in Barkingside High Street is now operational. It is a dual sex, multi use, disabled friendly facility located in between the swimming pool building and the new kiosk at the Virginia Gardens pocket park.

It will be open for business from 7:00am to 8:00pm on weekdays and 7:30am to 8:00pm at weekends. It will be cleaned twice a day in the morning and afternoon.

It has been inspected by a couple of our members who report it is very plush inside.

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

The Natural Beauty of Barkingside High Street

Natural Beauty Hair Salon, at 2 State Parade, has applied for a license (app. no: 049013) to expand their offering to include Aromatherapy, Body Massage and Facials with Massage.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Arabella Nails is not a Hardware shop

Back in mid February an eagle eyed local resident spotted a license application notice on the vacant premises at 114 High Street (what was the PDSA Charity Shop). All it said was “special treatments” and it was dated 11 February. It has now turned up in the weekly license listing and we now know it will be Arabella – House of Beauty and hair, specialising in Manicure, Nail Extensions & Pedicure.

I’m not sure how many of this type of outlet we have now, but it is the way High Streets are going. While we can do our shopping online, we actually have to be there to get a haircut or manicure. And it's better than this.

Here's their Facebook Page.

The Google search also picked up “Arabella’s Barkingside Escort service” – but we don’t want to go there.

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Ali Barbers is not a Fish & Chip Shop

Well, I had seen the “coming soon to 137 High Street Barkingside” on Facebook but I had assumed that “Ali Barbers” was the name of the proposed new Fish & Chip shop posted about earlier. It isn’t – it really is going to be a barbers. They already have a shop in Harlow – this is what it looks like.

Presumably a Barbers does not involve a change of usage type from a Dry Cleaners and therefore no planning application is necessary. And the existing application will be withdrawn at some point?

That was a close shave ….

UPDATE: The planning application has not been withdrawn and will be decided at Regulatory Committee next Monday, item 8 within Agenda item 7. Officer recommmendation is to Grant Permission. Any permission lasts for 3 years.

Friday, 5 February 2016

Quidsaver enhances it's retail experience

You guessed it. It's a coffee shop (cafe), just inside the main entrance and to the right.

Hi-viz spotted working on new Public Toilet in High Street

Spotted today. A hi-viz jacket working on the new public toilet in Barkingside High Street.

As you can see part of the brick structure is up. This what it will look like when complete.

And this is the layout inside ....

When, then prospective councillor, Mark Santos promised us a new public toilet at our hustings in 2014, I didn't realise he meant it literally, ie "a" (singular one-trap) public toilet. Still I suppose it's adequate for the non-events taking place in the new £2million town square.

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Fat Joe comes to Barkingside High Street

We hear that what was the excellent Chubby Panda Chinese restaurant and then various Indian restaurants is to reopen as Fat Joe’s Sports cafĂ©. As there is no change of use and therefore no planning application we have been unable to confirm this with the council, but there is this …

And now this ... today 5th Feb 2016. Seems pretty conclusive.

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Proposed new Fish & Chip shop on the High Street

There is a new planning application to convert the Dry Cleaners next door to Rowans into a Fish and Chip restaurant and take-away. The application number is 4630/15 and you can find it on the council’s planning portal here CLICK!
Conversion of existing (A3/A5) unit into two units. Unit 135 High Street continued use as (A3/A5) coffee shop and restaurant and Unit 137 High Street to be used as (A3/A5) Fish and chip shop takeaway and restaurant. (summary)
Not surprisingly the objections from the other food outlets cite too many food outlets …