Friday, 12 September 2014

Fullwell Bikes and Autos

Retailer of the Month (September hard copy Newsletter)

Matt writes: I prefer to shop on the High Street where possible to support local businesses and keep a diverse local economy. I was looking for a new bike because I don't use a car unless I have to. I was very impressed with the service in Fullwell Bikes and Autos. They were very helpful and made a number of different suggestions based on my needs. They did not try to sell me the most expensive option or add on loads of extras that I didn't need. The bike was ready to collect a few days later and the after sales service has been great too. If you need a new bike or a repair done I really recommend them.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Forest Farm Shop

Retailer of the Month (April hard copy Newsletter)

This month our award goes to the Forest Farm Shop in Forest Road just past Fairlop Station on the left. They are out of season now but last winter’s locally sourced Brussel Tops were mouthwateringly delish. Plenty of other in season vegetables and other stuff like Challah bread rolls throughout the summer months though.