Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Mayfair Stationers

All you could ever need to Divide and Rule. Pens that are mightier than swords, pencils as sharp as a politician's suit and rubbers that can erase an entire manifesto full of pledges.

Compasses and protractors to chart the angle of your campaign not to mention clipboards to make you look important while out canvassing. And if someone doesn't answer the door there are envelopes and labels, but the cost of a privatised postage stamp may well be beyond your means if you don't have a Multi-National Corporation financial sugar daddy.

All served to you with a smile and a refund on your parking ticket if you arrived by car, but not your bus fare if you arrived by public transport.

Mayfair Stationers, suppliers to the political classes of Barkingside and beyond.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013


I am surprised that no-one has put in a plug for them before.

Excellent service. Not the cheapest but very friendly and reliable.

Get there early as they get busy. Open 08:30.

John Walden

Forest Shoe Repairs


Just came across this blog

I know it`s a few years old, but to me it sums up some of the great businesses we have in Barkingside, I had exactly the same experience at the shop - he was totally honest about a pair of shoes that weren`t worth repairing and then did a great job on another pair.


Thursday, 10 January 2013

Clayhall Fish Bar

Best Fish 'n Chip shop in the World.
That is all!

David Doyle, Walthamstow